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Ivy Tech’s President Sue Ellspermann, joined Tony Katz again today. This time to discuss if college is worth the cost.

A college degree is valuable but expensive, especially in Indiana. According to, Indiana is the 12th most expensive state for college tuition. The question of “Is it worth it?” is a question worth asking. There are multiple options outside of college for people to create a career for themselves.

Ellspermann had this to say on if college is worth it,

“The value of higher ed (education) continues to prove itself… we know that people will need something post high school.”

Ellspermann would go on to talk about how what that something post high school is will change over time.

We have seen that to be true. It used to be hard to have a career without a four-year college degree. Now, there are so many options. A four-year college degree is still valuable, and it can help set people up to have a great career.

There are other options out there though like trade school, two-year associate degrees, job training programs, apprenticeship programs, and so much more.

Post high school education continues to evolve. To hear all of Ellspermann’s thoughts on the value of a college degree click the link below.