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INDIANAPOLIS — FedEx has announced that they are closing their heavy aircraft maintenance hub in Los Angeles and will be moving that operation to Indianapolis.

FedEx plans to have its LA maintenance operation shut down by June 2024. That is when the company’s lease expires with their current facility there. The impact on Indiana is still being figured out, but it could mean new jobs coming to the state, although FedEx has not made that clear yet.

“These aircraft maintenance jobs are high-paying jobs, and they are jobs that you don’t need a full-blown four-year college bachelor’s degree,” said Kevin Brineger with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce on WISH-TV. “But you do need a considerable amount of specialized training.”

It’s said the move is being spurned by the beginning of the retirement of older FedEx aircraft built by McDonald Douglas. Instead of moving those planes out to Indiana, the company plans to invest in the upkeep of newer planes.

Furthermore, FedEx is planning to relocate current workers at the LA facility or to other hubs throughout the US.

FedEx added that this facility closure is set to improve efficiency and allow maintenance to happen in the same state as the second-largest FedEx hub in the country.