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In a world where good customer service is hard to come by, an Amazon Prime driver has given us hope.

The Amazon driver went above the call of duty as he bravely crossed through a police standoff to complete his delivery. Reportedly SWAT team members were engaged in a 24-hour standoff with an armed suspect last month in North Carolina. Despite the several police cars and armed officials, the Amazon driver strolls nonchalantly towards the home.

The determined man was eventually stopped by an official. The package was handed over to a SWAT team member to continue his route up to the home. The best part? The man proceeds to TAKE A PICTURE of the package as proof he delivered it to the customer (as much as he could anyway.)

The viral video of the hardest-Amazon-worker in history was captioned: ‘when you’re about your business… nothing will get in your way.’ That apparently includes dangerous suspects.

With the thousands of Amazon layoffs predicted in the next month, ya boy better not be one of them.