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The Indy Eleven’s new stadium, Eleven Park, is set to break ground in May, but the new stadium contains much more than a soccer stadium.  A hotel, 205,000 square feet of office space, more than 600 apartments, 197,000 square feet for retail space and restaurants, and public plazas and parking garages will be included with the new stadium.

This is not just a soccer stadium; it is a village. When Eleven Park is finished in 2025 it is projected it will create over 1,000 jobs. The building of Eleven Park is about more than just the Indy Eleven soccer team. It is about improving downtown Indianapolis. Because of the additions beyond the new soccer stadium Indy Eleven owner, Ersal Ozdemir, does not think that the Indy Eleven need to move up to the MLS for the new park to be a success.

“We do not need to go to the MLS to build a stadium the project should self-generate enough, we’re making a transformational impact to this area (downtown).”

Ozdemir went on to add that the creation of the new stadium will make it easier for the Eleven to make the leap to the MLS.

Either way, the new project should be a great addition to downtown.