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The legalization of marijuana has been an ongoing hot topic within the country. While medical marijuana is legal in 37 states, including the surrounding states of Indiana, it is still illegal on all fronts in the Hoosier state.

Grow Indiana Together, a nonprofit that supports to legalize and tax all hemp and cannabis products for adult use in Indiana, will join The Midwest Hemp Council and Americans for Prosperity for a rally outside the state capitol Monday afternoon.

Rep. Jake Teshka, author of House Bill 1039 told Tony Katz Monday morning that the legislation they are pushing is more about preparation than pushing a select agenda.

“We’re proposing the lowest tax structure in the country, because for us it isn’t about revenue. It’s about moving this market we know is here from the illicit underground market onto the regulated safe market here in the Hoosier state.

The bill actually doesn’t pull the trigger on legalization at this point, the bill actually says that when the federal government reschedules marijuana/cannabis we will then take a look at it. What it does is it gives us a leg-up by getting all this regulator structurer set-up ahead of time.”

Gov. Holcomb has said publicly that until federal law changes occur, he will not look into legalization of marijuana for the state.