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INDIANAPOLIS–A 10-year-old patient at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital raised $1,230 and used the money to buy toys and give them back to the hospital.

That 10-year-old boy is Tony Dingle. He is from Fishers. Dingle was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome at the age of 3. His kidneys don’t function properly, and he’s been working with pediatric nephrologist Dr. Daniel McKenney since he was diagnosed. Seven years later, he is playing football, basketball, and wrestling. His condition will need continual monitoring. The staff at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital say he brings happiness and light every time he comes into the hospital.

“He’s always been kind of an inspiration. When I see him in the clinic, just walking through the door I always hear, ‘Oh hi Dr. McKenney!” He’s always cheerful, happy and a pleasure to see. He’s continuing to be inspiring seeing this today,” said McKenney.

As for what made him want to give back, he said he felt the pain of everybody in the hospital.

“I just wanted to spread some joy and happiness this Christmas. And then we did a GoFundMe and then here we are right here in this very moment. We got Transformers, we got puppies, we got dolls, and we also got some action figures, we got some princess dolls for the girls and all kinds of other stuff,” said Dingle.

His parents say when he grows up he wants to find a cure for this disease and travel the world as a pediatric nephrologist.

Tony made the donation Wednesday alongside his mom Tracey Dingle.