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The World According to Briggs is a YouTube channel. The video channel has over 860 thousand followers. The vlog consists of videos featuring the highlights and sometimes the low lights of cities around the country.

Briggs says he makes lists.

“Not just lists of random stuff, I make them about states, cities, towns, and other places in the United States. I post 3 times a week and sometimes live stream.”

Since 2015, Briggs has been producing these videos. In his latest effort, the creator has compiled a list of 10 cities that are going downhill in 2022 & 2023.

Which Cities Are Going Downhill?

Briggs begins by stating that this isn’t a “worst cities” list but a list of cities he thinks are declining. He asks, “Are these cities 100% horrible?” His answer is no but based on his research, he believes they will continue to get worse. Cities on his list include:

Houston, Texas

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jacksonville, Florida

Riverside, California

Hartford, Connecticut

Memphis, Tennessee

Little Rock, Arkansas

Jackson, Mississippi

Stockton, California

Is There An Indiana Town On The List?

The title of the video is “10 Cities That Are Going Downhill in 2023” and if you counted,  you’ll notice the above list accounted for only nine cities. So, yes…there is one more city he mentioned.

The World According to Briggs states that remaining city to avoid is South Bend. He claims “Don’t take a job, don’t buy real estate, just try and avoid this place.”

A general view of Notre Dame Stadium

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Why did South Bend make Briggs list? He cites the violent crime rate in the northern Indiana town as 346% above the national average with it’s residents having a strange penchant for knife attacks. Briggs adds this is one of the most unsafe metro areas in the United States. He also mentioned poverty and a failing school system which received an “F” grade from Area Vibes.

Crowe, Honeywell and AM General are still headquartered in South Bend but Studebaker and many other larger companies have long pulled up stakes.

Does Briggs have anything positive to say about South Bend? The author states that the area has a low cost of living and there are plenty of things to do to remain active. He maintains you can find a house there but why would you want to?