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As a former Federal Agent, Gary Collins has been a part of many investigations in search of the truth. When it comes to the FBI raid on President Donald Trump‘s Mar A Lago property, Collins says the FBI and Department of Justice got it all wrong. Collins joined The Kendall and Casey Show to discuss his time investigating potential crimes, and the serious mistakes made by the Federal Government at Trump’s property. He especially took issue with how the government treated Trump’s attorneys, not letting them observe the entire search. Recalling his own experiences, and how it compared to the FBI raid Collins stated:

When it was documents, it was very cordial. Even with the target, we would have open dialogue with them. We would go, ‘Hey, if we can’t find this stuff, we have to start tearing stuff apart. Can you just tell us where this stuff is?’ I never had one target tell me, ‘No go screw yourself, I’m not saying a word.’ They would say, ‘Yeah, I don’t want you tearing my business up. What you’re looking for is all right here.’

Collins, who now serves a self-help guide via his website, The Simple Life Now, was also very critical of the intent of the FBI raid. The former Federal Agent said he believes the government was there to attempt to prove a crime was committed, rather than looking for evidence to support a specific charge:

They were hunting. They’re hunting for a crime. They don’t have a crime. If they had it, this would have been done a long time ago…What was so dirty about this was the amount of people. What, they said 15 boxes. You needed 30 agents for 15 boxes? We would go in with four people to do that.

Hear Collins entire interview with Rob Kendall on the FBI raid of Trump’s home at the link below.

Photo Credit: Mandel Ngan/Getty Images