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The Republican Party has been very vocal about the injustice way the FBI raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. The FBI and government officials claim they were searching for presidential records that Trump removed from the White House. The search took about 10 hours.

Several people are now speaking out about the unprecedented intrusion. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy posted a message to Attorney General Garland to ‘preserve your documents and clear your calendar.’

Tony Katz asked Rep. Jim Banks how GOP leaders will fight back, when historically they have failed to do so.

“We have to be open to impeachment of top officials in the Biden Administration as well. We can’t shy away from that if the evidence leads to facts that show that this raid was political in nature- that we absolutely need to put impeachment on the table of the top officials of the D.O.J and FBI.”  

Banks stated that the entire raid was part of the left’s political witch hunt which started back in 2016 with the Trump-Russia hoax, attempted Impeachment, and the attack at the Capitol.

Congressman Banks spoke with Trump following the raid noting he didn’t seem defeated and was ‘fired up’ about winning the majority back.