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CONVERSE, Ind.–When you hear the name Dr. Jennifer McCormick, you might think about Red for Ed Day, teacher pay raises and education advocacy. McCormick was the last elected state Superintendent of Public Instruction. She will now take a temporary job as interim superintendent of the Oak Hill United School Corporation in Grant and Miami counties.

“She’s gonna be very hands on in gauging the atmosphere and offering tips moving forward to take us forward,” said Scott Deaton, president of the Oak Hill school board, in an interview with Network Indiana affiliate WBAT.

Deaton said that while McCormick would likely not be interested in taking the full-time position, he believes her presence as interim superintendent will help the district. He believes she will be a good teacher for the staff.

Teachers at a statehouse "Go Red for Ed" rally in 2019

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

“It is definitely a tremendous opportunity for our corporation to have someone of her stature come in,” said Deaton.

McCormick, who was elected as a Republican, supported some causes traditionally championed by Democrats, especially in her last year in office. She advocated for funding for public education, becoming a leader in bringing teachers to the Statehouse on FGo Red for Ed Action Day.

She also supported Democrat state Sen. Eddie Melton for governor in the 2020 race.

Deaton said the district was able to land McCormick for the interim job because of their employment of one of McCormick’s former staff members.

“Our CFO, Leslie Rittenhouse, worked for Dr. McCormick down at Yorktown High School. Then when Dr. McCormick was elected to her position she went to Indianapolis to work for Dr. McCormick on her staff,” he said.

He said McCormick will begin work this week.

“She will actually be in the office on Friday and get her feet wet and see what we need to work on and attack immediately.”

He said she will likely stay in the position until a full-time superintendent is named, which he hopes will be by July 1.