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Executive Director of Chalk Board Review and former STEM administrator for IPS Tony Kinnett claims Anderson University is planning to segregate students in order to teach them about inclusivity.

“A student at Anderson reached out to me, and he claims that the university sent a survey to students that asked whether they thought the campus is racist,” Kinnett explained to the Hammer and Nigel Show. “And the student claims that as a result of this survey, [the university] is going to be holding ‘colored’ sessions and ‘white’ sessions about racial discrimination.”

Kinnett says there is a significant amount of outrage from students and professors about the planned sessions.

“An assistant professor told me that she could not believe she watched her parents struggle through the Civil Rights movement just to see a ‘black only’ room be set up on campus,” Kinnett said.

Another student who is Hispanic told Kinnett that the University’s alleged upcoming sessions made him feel like he isn’t being valued as a Hispanic or a Hoosier.

“He feels he’s just being valued as a person who has color in their skin and that, therefore, he must think the same, act the same, talk the same, and have the same concerns as any Asian, Black, or other [non-Caucasian] ethnicity present at Anderson University.”

Click the link below to hear Hammer and Guy Relford’s full interview with Chalkboard Review’s Tony Kinnett.