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This week’s confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill make one thing abundantly clear: Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson has zero interest in prosecuting child sex predators to the fullest extent of the law.

In questioning Tuesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz laid out no less than six separate child pornography cases in which Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson imposed sentences on convicted offenders that were substantially less severe than what federal guidelines recommend.

Jackson’s defense of her record: “Judges have to take into account the personal circumstances of the defendant.”


WIBC host Rob Kendall told listeners Wednesday Jackson is embarrassingly weak on imposing punishment for child sexual predators.

“She clearly does not believe that child sexual predators deserve to receive the maximum amount of time in jail,” Kendall said. “She doesn’t even believe, apparently, that predators deserve to receive the mid-range sentence in many cases.

Kendall noted that Jackon’s justification for her position boils down to an argument that sentencing guidelines are outdated and overly harsh relative to how easily child pornography can be obtained in the digital age.

Kendall explains in the clip below.