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It was a magical night in Washington D.C. Tuesday.

Flanked by border security expert, Kamala Harris, and insider trading guru Nancy Pelosi, President Joe Biden stood before our nation and delivered his 2022 State of the Union address.

Viewers were treated to a familiar side of Joe Biden Tuesday night: the plagiarist. The president is well known for his tendency to “borrow” from others, and last night was no different. The entire second half of his speech was stolen from the Republican party.

Strengthen border security! Get rid of the masks! And police? Let’s fund the living hell out of them!

It’s all bullcrap, of course. Democrats know they’re destined to get walloped in the midterm elections. Biden’s disingenuous change of heart is an open acknowledgment of that reality.

But the country remembers, Joe. Americans are often naive and easily duped. Some of them are outright stupid. But their memories aren’t that short. And the devastating consequences of your disastrous policies are a daily reminder of what happens when you choose likability over competence at the ballot box because you don’t like a guy’s tweets.

The exhausting reminders of your ineptitude will endure well beyond your term in office. You can pay lip service to law enforcement and border security all you like, but you can’t tame runaway inflation with politically appealing language. You can’t raise murdered police officers from the dead by flipping the script. And you can’t “stand with Ukraine” while purchasing Russian oil.

We remember, Democrats. We see you.

Breitbart International News Editor Frances Martel joined the Hammer & Nigel Show Wednesday to recap the most disingenuous moments from President Biden’s State Of The Union address. Click below to listen.