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Indiana Democrats are making national news by calling GOP state Sen. Scott Baldwin a “Nazi.” Baldwin is being accused of white supremacy after his comments during a committee hearing Wednesday to discuss SB 167, a bill that would require teachers to be impartial in their teaching of all subjects.

A local history teacher in the room Wednesday voiced his concerns of what the bill would require of teachers.

“For example, it’s the second semester of U.S. history, so we’re learning about the rise of fascism and the rise of Nazism right now. And I’m just not neutral on the political ideology of fascism. We condemn it, and we condemn it in full, and I tell my students the purpose, in a democracy, of understanding the traits of fascism is so that we can recognize it and we can combat it.”

This is when Sen. Baldwin made the comment in question.

“Marxism, Nazism, Fascism, I have no problem with the education system providing instruction on the existence of those isms. I believe that we’ve gone too far when we take a position on those isms …  We need to be impartial.”

The Indiana Democratic Party has taken that to mean he is impartial to Nazism. They have released statements condeming Baldwin accusing him of white supremacist thinking among other things.

Tony Katz says Sen. Baldwin’s stance seemed clear.

“I would take that as you should be teaching the subjects then kids can figure out its problematic; as opposed to putting your own personal spin on anything…it isn’t Scott Baldwin supporting Nazism, because Marxism got mentioned as well and no one in the Indiana Democratic Party said ‘Well he’s supporting Marxism, that’s wrong.’ No. And why? Because the Indiana Democratic Party supports Marxism!”

Katz doesn’t deny Baldwin’s comment was sloppy in wording, but he clearly wasn’t vocalizing support for Nazism.

“But the Democratic Party, as always the case, over-played their hand. They didn’t have to do it. None of this is necessary.”

Mike Schmuhl, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, continues the narrative by sending out the following press release Thursday with the subject line “Baldwin’s Nazism.”


Schmuhl email


“That’s referring to a State Senator as a “Nazi.” And the Republican Party should be denouncing the Democratic Party. This is obscene. You referred to him as a “Nazi”…You can’t just call people Nazis and think that it’s okay.”

Tony calls out the Indiana Democratic Party and demands apologies in the following segment: