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INDIANAPOLIS–A man who has raped several women and burglarized houses in Indianapolis and Lawrence has been caught, say police. Indianapolis Metro Police, Lawrence PD, and Indiana State Police say Darrell Goodlow would use a ruse to get into homes, after which he would rape them.

Darrell-Goodlow Charging Documents

“He picked a group of victims that ranged in age from 59 to 78, females who lived alone. So, he picked a vulnerable set of victims,” said McCartt.

Eight women were raped, said Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears. One of the victims was raped as she prepared to leave for the grocery store, according to court documents. Three sisters were raped at the same house Oct. 1, 2020. They told police they were tied up. They were 67 to 74 years old.

McCartt said the man would sometimes disguise his voice and would often cover his face and/or the victims’ faces. He said he would ultimately force his way into the homes.

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“During these assaults he was sometimes armed. He was not always armed, but he would threaten the females,” said McCartt. “He was in the home for several hours on each one of these. So, he spent some time in each one of the homes.”

He said the connection was made between all of the assaults from DNA evidence, and his identity was ultimately determined with a finger print left on a fan that he moved during the most recent incident.

“Lawrence investigators turned to the non-profit group Season of Justice,” said Lawrence Police Chief Dave Hofmann, “who provided funding for the use of sophisticated genealogy and DNA testing and actually some cell phone tracking technology.”

Goodlow was caught quickly after the identity was determined. He left a fingerprint behind in one of the homes when he moved a fan.