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INDIANAPOLIS — If you’ve ever wondered what Indy Metro Police officers see and go through, you’ll want to check out their new video series featuring body camera footage from officers.

“Sworn to Serve” will allow residents to experience firsthand the situations IMPD officers face every day.

“When we got body cameras their purpose was more for transparency, to allow us to review officers actions and to use the information from the body cameras for evidence,” said IMPD Lieutenant Shane Foley. “But there’s an opportunity that we found, and that’s to highlight the work they do on a regular basis.”

The first episode shows an incident from last month at E. 38th Street and Franklin Road.

“Through a lot of this they showed patience, they showed compassion, their communication skills, de-escalation, all things that we’ve been training our officers on for years,” said Foley. “Now this is an opportunity for us to show, first hand, what the officers see and what they do.”

IMPD officers have been equipped with body cameras since 2020. The body cameras begin recording automatically after certain events, such as when an officer draws a gun from its holster, begins to run, or activates the lights and sirens in the squad car.

Foley said body cam footage is used to see what happens during an officer involved shooting, review use of force and alleged criminal acts, and now sharing positive interactions officers have.