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WASHINGTON — One Indiana Congressman is calling for a full-scale investigation into the insurrection that took place on Capitol Hill last Wednesday.

Rep. Andre Carson is asking the FBI to review all camera footage and gather evidence into the riots in which hundreds of Trump supporters broke through security lines around the Capitol building. Carson believes there may have been some bad actors within Capitol police who let the violence escalate.

Carson also supports the idea of holding congressional hearings on the riots.

“Many (Capitol police officers) have complained about wanting to speak at these hearings to members of Congress and not just having top brass representing,” Carson said to All Indiana Politics on WISH-TV. “They to feel that there are too many empathizers and sympathizers within the ranks of Capitol police and other law enforcement agencies as we know.”

Carson hopes that an investigation will also reveal if there were any undercover cops within the crowd rioters, which he says there were during riots after Black Lives Matter protests across the country back in May.

Several Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, say they are planning to move forward with impeachment proceedings of President Trump for inciting the violence. Carson was of few words on the matter but said he would support impeachment proceedings.

“I think (Trump) needs to be removed from office,” he said. “A fellow Hoosier, Mike Pence, would have to be on board.”

Congressional Democrats are moving forward with Articles of Impeachment despite the fact that Trump has less than nine days left as the president. Pelosi said in a letter to Congress that while impeachment papers are quickly drawn up, she will also be urging Vice-President Pence to invoke the 25th amendment.