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INDIANAPOLIS–A grand jury declined to recommend charges in the May 6, shooting of Dreasjon Reed, in Indianapolis. Special prosecutor Rosemary Khoury announced the findings of the jury during a Tuesday news conference from the Indiana State Police Museum.

Reed was shot and killed after Indianapolis Metro Police officers chased him, and he did not put down his gun. State police offered video that shows Reed drawing on Officer Dejoure Mercer before being shot.

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In downtown Indianapolis, businesses were boarded up in anticipation of trouble from people who may be angry about the decision. IMPD had warned the businesses that the decision might come down this week.

After his shooting in May, several protests were held at the site of the shooting on the northwest side of the city, and downtown. Those protests were before the riots at the end of May, which damaged over 100 businesses in response to the death of George Floyd, and others.

Khoury had a tough time making it through the announcement, tearing up several times.

“I’m a mother of two black boys,” she said. “I also am very empathetic toward Officer Mercer. I know that had to be a difficult position to be in.”

State police later presented video evidence to reporters that included stills and a slowed down version of Reed’s Facebook live video, which was rolling when he was shot, and captured audio of the shooting and of Mercer’s call for help,”Police action shooting!”

“When you slow it down…you’re gonna see a drawing motion from Mr. Reed,” said state police investigator Jeff Herron, presenting stills that police say show a gun in Reed’s wasteband. “Ultimately what comes up here is this is the butt of an orange magazine.”

Khoury and State Police Superintendent Doug Carter both said they believe state police, and IMPD, did an excellent job gathering evidence and that what was presented to the grand jury was the best version that could have possible been presented.

“I have to believe that justice was done because I trust our system, our judicial system,” said Khoury. “I put this in the hands of a special grand jury. I presented them with what I thought was a very thorough comprehensive investigation that my team put together and I have to believe in the system.”