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(INDIANAPOLIS) — The winners of more than three dozen U.S. House races across the nation are still undetermined, including one in Indiana.

Republican Victoria Spartz leads Christina Hale 51-45%, a margin of 21,000 votes, for the seat of retiring Republican Susan Brooks. But there are still thousands of mail-in ballots to count. Marion County has said it doesn’t expect to be done counting until Thursday or Friday.

Lake and Saint Joseph Counties are also plowing through stacks of uncounted ballots. Because of that, it’s clear Republicans will gain seats in the Indiana House, but it’s unclear how many. Representatives Melanie Wright (D-Yorktown) and Terry Goodin (D-Crothersville) have conceded to Republican challengers Elizabeth Rowray and Zach Payne, and Republicans lead in three races in Lake and Saint Joe Counties.

But Indianapolis Representative Cindy Kirchhofer’s lead over Democratic challenger Mitch Gore has narrowed to just four votes as more mail-in votes are counted in Marion County. And in the Senate, former Indianapolis city controller Fady Qaddoura appears poised to unseat Indianapolis Republican John Ruckelshaus (R).