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Have you ever been to one of those romantic and heartwarming weddings where the mother of the groom is an angry, drunk, “Karen” type?

You know who she is. She doesn’t like the way the bride’s butt looks in her wedding dress, she’s unhappy with the food at the Denny’s where the reception is being catered, and she’s pretty sure that her son doesn’t even LIKE the girl he’s marrying – he’s just legally committing his life to her for the benefit of getting as far away from his mom as possible.

If you’ve ever seen that type of drunken gal in person, they don’t give up without a fight. They’re vicious. They’re aggressive. They bite.

In fact, some historical experts believe the Second Amendment was established for the express purpose of dealing with unruly women at discount weddings – women like this:

Fun Fact: Rumor has it this bride and groom hired Jason Hammer as their wedding deejay.

Hammer lives the horror of doing hand-to-hand combat with this groom’s mother. Despite seven attempts at corrective surgery, the woman still had the pattern of a disco ball on her face. The decision was made to put her down. The bride and groom hired Hammer for the funeral afterparty and send him a “thank you” card and a gift certificate to Sizzler every year.

Hear the story of Hammer’s act of heroism in the clip below. Share it with humanity.