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Amid fire and the killing of officers, the tumult of marches that devolve into the entry by large numbers of “protestors” into the private property of private citizens by private persons without authority or excuse for their invasions, there appears to no one who for just a sane moment wants to see what is about to happen to our Republic.  It is difficult to overestimate CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s nitwittery or to underestimate his intellect, but as to both here is an offering:  he is neither intelligent nor observant, and his oaf-dom drags its knuckles no more profoundly than when he attempts to find proof from the facts before him and none of them support his stoopid conclusions.  (That’s stupid with 2 Os’)

Such was the case this week when the head of the “Maroon” squad at CNN, Mr. Muscle Head himself, tried to turn the terror induced exhibition of firearms by two folks in Missouri into more proof that all whites are the same–supremacists, haters, and successful persons, therefore perfect targets for the “peaceful protesters” of BLM.


So we spend no time on Cuomo’s sad stupidity or his perfidy (see the video if you haven’t); instead here is what has happened.  For the first time with enough coverage to reach the masses since this insurrection began, somebody has stood up, at arms, and said “no more, no further, not here.”  Ok, so what, it’s just one rich guy and his wife.  Wrong.  What we have here is the first instance in immediate past history  where instead citizens are present who will not tolerate either the BS spewed by cretans like the woke guy who announced they were on a mission to “burn down” our country or their efforts to do so.   Those are few indeed, and soon the “burn it down” cry will no longer ring over empty city blocks where the enemies of  liberty can act with at least temporary impunity.  Instead, the time is coming and is now here when arsonists, evil-crazed mad men (and women) and their hangers-on will face honest people who are in no way related to the cowards of the big cities.  Showing your ass and destroying a business is one thing–attempting to do so to an American’s home is quite something else.

Part of what impairs these miscreants is their misapprehension that law abiding citizens are not guaranteed the right to protect themselves, others around them and their property.  Enter a citizen’s house and expect the worst.  Period.  So with the sobering truth that what lies ahead for Antifa, BLM, etc, and those who support them will be nothing like the anticipatory capitulations of the cities, time is short for the goons and thieves as well as their cohorts who just love to beat up on decent citizens. Figure it out or suffer the natural and probable consequences of your hideous behavior.