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A crime has been solved. A suspect is behind bars. A community breathes a sigh of relief.

Police in the United Kingdom have arrested the man who is responsible for viciously calling ‘999’ (the U.K. version of 911) and cruelly burping over the telephone line at the emergency operator. 

Last week, officers released the chilling audio from three of the more than 20 terror-inducing calls. 

“Regardless of how many fizzy drinks you’ve had, this is not an appropriate use of our 999 line,” authorities said as they bravely revealed the full details of the barbaric crimes.

“This may make you laugh, but for us this is no laughing matter,” police said in a statement.

More than 40,000 brave citizens subjected themselves to the full audio of the “mad burper’s” crimes in an effort to assist police in identifying and capturing the suspect. 

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said the burping suspect was arrested at Peterborough railway station on Tuesday.

Authorities have urged the community to remain vigilant and aware amid concerns of copycat crimes.

Hammer and Nigel have the full audio of the mad burper’s calls in the click below. Listener discretion is advised. 

Please Note: Listening to Nigel cackle as he listens to the audio is guaranteed to make your day better.