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Do you have to jiggle the handle to stop your toilet from running? Or do you have to hold down the handle to get the tank totally empty? It may be time to replace that toilet handle. The good news is you don’t need a plumber and it’s not going to cost you much money or time!


You’ll need:


Toilet Tank Lever Kit


Step One: Loosen the nut

Once you take the lid off of the toilet tank, you’ll see where the handle connect to the tank. Unscrew the plastic nut from the back of the handle to get it loosen. You can use your hands or a wrench for a better grip.


Step Two: Detach from chain

Before you can completely remove the broken handle, you’ll want to detach the chain from the end of the arm. The chain is what connects the handle to the flapper valve. After the chain is detached, slide off the loosen nut. Now you can take the broken handle/arm right out.


Step Three: Replace with the new handle

Insert the new handle by feeding the arm through the toilet tank. Slide the new nut up the arm and tighten so the handle stays in place. Reconnect the chain to the new arm.


Tip: There may be several holes to pick from on the arm, pick the option that allows the arm to lift the chain and flapper valve without lifting higher than the top of the toilet tank.



Loosen the nut, detach the chain, and reattach the new arm it’s that simple! Who knew being a plumber is that easy? Okay, obviously not, but now you can save yourself some money and spare a plumber’s time by replacing your toilet handle yourself.


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