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We may have had some back and forth weather this winter, but something has still remained: dry air. You can really feel it in the home this time of year from dry skin, stuffy noses, etc. Controlling dry air inside not only helps your overall health, but also prevents mold and bacteria from growing. If you have hardwood floors, controlling the humidity in your home will also help keep the floor boards from swelling.

If you can’t afford a full house humidifier or want an alternative to a table-top humidifier, here’s some DIY tricks to keep your humidity in check this winter.


How to check your home’s humidity?

Humidity levels can often times be found labeled on the thermostat. You want to make sure it reads between 35{5ad3c25f5d8a6462a9daae157324f98d5b0edc4be0c0ed5ad8ca367936c1d337}-45{5ad3c25f5d8a6462a9daae157324f98d5b0edc4be0c0ed5ad8ca367936c1d337}. If you have more of an “old school” thermostat, you can find a humidity gauge pretty cheap at your local hardware store.


DIY Humidifiers

1. Stove Top Assistance

Boil some water or heat up a teakettle to help release some moisture in the air. This trick can be really simple, especially for those who cook at home or enjoy some tea!


2. There’s always an Open Door

When taking a shower, if you can, keep the bathroom door open. The steam from the shower will bring some added moisture.


3. Small, but Mighty

A classic trick that anyone can do weather your in a home or apartment- fill small bowls or cups (metal or ceramic) with water and place them on windowsills or on top of heating vents. It’s truly an old-school humidifier.


4. Get Some Greenery

Houseplants are a great resource of adding moisture inside, plus it looks pretty great too! As long as you keep your plants healthy and watered, the natural transpiration will keep your home’s humidity regulated.


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