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Jennifer McCormick

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STATEWIDE — The general election will see Sen. Mike Braun square off with Dr. Jennifer McCormick in the race for governor this coming November.

Braun beat out five other GOP candidates in the primary while McCormick ran unopposed on the Democratic side. Now that the primaries have come and gone, McCormick said she is looking forward to beginning the real work of persuading Hoosiers to vote for her.

“We’re on the correct side of issues,” she said on All Indiana Politics. “We’ve got great bipartisan support and a great grassroots coalition. We’re ready to get this done.”

McCormick, a former Republican who also is the last person to be elected as the state’s top educator, switched to the Democratic Party last year. Part of her decision to switch parties came after she felt the state’s approach to educational issues was untenable.

She took part in many of the “Red For Ed” rallies on the steps of the Indiana Statehouse in 2021 when teachers were demanding higher pay and better support from the state when it comes to public education. McCormick has been a staunch critic of the state’s new school voucher expansion which now allows more families to use school voucher funding to send their kids to private school.

McCormick has also embraced a push to “restore” reproductive rights for women.

“I’m going to fight to restore those women’s reproductive rights and freedoms, and fight for the independence of all women,” she said. “We’ve had already great bipartisan support, but there were 60-percent of the voters that showed us they did not like their choice of Braun and we are ready to urge them to join us.”

“Bipartisan” is a word McCormick has used a lot in his campaign. She said she would be a bipartisan governor through and through and that Hoosiers want someone who will approach the Statehouse in a bipartisan way.

Election Day is November 2nd.