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The Delphi Murders case is arguably the biggest legal case in terms of public interest in Indiana since Mike Tyson. WIBC’s Donnie Burgess joined Saturday Night on the Circle to provide an update. 

To the casual observer, the missteps by the prosecution may not be known. But the errors made by the prosecution may end up creating “reasonable doubt” for the jurors. 

Ethan Hatcher: 

The state at this point should be ashamed… if the standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt” the missteps taken by the prosecution have created that doubt at every step of the way… Potentially exonerating evidence that doesn’t even connect back to Richard Allen, completely blowing up the case. 

Richard Allen in Cuffs


There’s been an update to the case since this interview:

Delphi Murders Case Hearing Ends After Hours of Back & Forth (

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