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WIBC host and writer for the Daily Signal joined Tony Katz Today to talk about an investigation being done by Butler University’s Title IX Office against the College Republicans on campus. The student GOP organization condemned Antisemitic Chants during an October 12th rally on Monument Circle. The condemnation instigated the investigation by the BU’s Title IX office, claiming that they may be in violation of the school’s Harassment and Non-Discrimination policy.

Jay Greene, senior research fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy, told The Daily Signal that Butler’s investigation of a campus club for issuing a formal complaint is “chilling.”

Greene said:

Launching a harassment investigation against an organization for objecting to harassment by another group has a chilling effect. If this were done to groups expressing concerns about police abuse or sexual misconduct, everyone would recognize how inappropriate it was. But because it was done [to] Republicans expressing concerns for Jews, Butler sees no problem.

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Butler University Investigates Club for Condemning Antisemitism (

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