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Tomorrow is Election Day! A big election many Hoosiers are paying attention to is the Indy Mayoral race. The time has arrived for voters to decide between GOP candidate Jefferson Shreve and current Mayor Joe Hogsett.

In celebration of Election Day, Hammer wrote a special poem dedicated to our candidates.


‘Twas the night before the election, and all through the city

Voters in Indy were sad because both candidates are sh*tty

A wino, a RHINO, Hogsett vs Shreve

Two guys who hate law abiding gun owners, just like you and me

Two-hundred homicides a year in Indy, that’s the norm, brother

And our only two options to fix this, are two weenies that look just like each other

They talk about abortion, and laws they can’t change.

There’s no record of Joe’s whereabouts during the riots, isn’t that strange?

A loser, a fat guy, they’re running Shreve’s campaign

It’s their creative input, that’s made his candidacy so so lame. 

Joe’s a total zero, who allegedly drinks away his pain. Comedian Mike Epps, your thoughts? 


The GOP gun grabber, and Mayor Frank the Tank

Neither one deserves your vote I’m just going to leave the ballot blank. 


Listen to the full performance of Hammer’s piece here;