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Here at the Hammer and Nigel Show we are passionate about a lot of things. We are passionate about holding political leaders accountable, our home of Indianapolis, ice cold beer, bear attacks, and the occasional kazoo cover.

There are so many incredible world records we’ve seen broken through the years from most drink cans crushed by a hand in one minute to the woman singing the lowest note. A call-out has been made for over 10,000 people to participate in a world record kazoo performance.

The Brisbane Festival is on track to have 10,001 participants play the kazoo at the same time. The record was set earlier this year in Melbourne with exactly 10,000 performers. The art festival hopes to beat their fellow Aussie-nemesis at Victoria Park on Sept 23rd.

The event already has thousands of people registered. Don’t worry, kazoos will be made available for all!

This leads us to quite possibly the best discovery in music since Nickelback (according to Nigel.)



And certainly, the best for last! 

These are the moments we live for. Thanks for being apart of the Kazoonity!