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Terri Stacy Interview: What The Indy 500 Snake Pit Was Like Back In The Day!

Recently on First Day With Terri Stacy, Terri Stacy interviewed Kerry Worthington who was an individual who was the life of the party every time he went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Things that happened at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Snake Pit in the 60s 70s and 80s brings up memories and secrets that were sworn to be taken to the grave.

According to Indy 500 historian Donald Davidson, IMS officials made many attempts to tame the party because it would constantly get out of hand.

First the officials tried moving the party from turn one to turn four, before the Snake Pit faded away before in mid 90s.

Each year old stories and old photos pop up of those crazy parties back in the day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway like the photo shown above.

The historic photo of a burned down car with about a dozen guys standing on top in the middle of the IMS pops up every year.

Kerry Worthington (one of the guys standing on top of the car in the photo) shares how it all came together/happened in the interview below!