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Senators Meet For Their Policy Luncheons On Capitol Hill

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Pennsylvania Democrat Sen. John Fetterman struggled to get the words out and sound coherent at the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday.

Fetterman was the last senator to dive into questioning during a hearing on the Silicon Valley Bank collapse that happened earlier this year, and he appeared to have a hard time delivering his opening statement in the hearing.

The Pennsylvania Democrat noted that some of the witnesses’ colleagues “went to go to Hawaiis (sic) after there was a crash of your bank” and that he “couldn’t believe it.”

“So I went up on the internet, and it’s like, it did happen. It did happen. It did happen,” Fetterman said, holding up a cutout of a New York Post headline titled “Ex-Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker jets to Hawaii after the collapse.”

“And it’s in Fortune, the second-biggest bank in U.S. history collapsed and chose to go to Hawaii on that,” he continued. “You know, I’ve never been to Hawaii and neither has my family. I guess I’ve never cranked, excuse me, crashed a bank.”

Fetterman, who suffered from a stroke during his 2022 Senate campaign in Pennsylvania is said to still be struggling with the effects of the stroke.

Joe Calvello, a spokesman for Fetterman, said that the former lieutenant governor “continues to have auditory processing issues due to the effects of his stroke.”