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Public services mow the grass in the street road.

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The question of lawn etiquette came up with Kendall & Casey. Is it illegal in Indiana to blow grass clippings into the street?

Indiana does not have a state law against blowing grass into the roadway.  However, local ordinances may have specific regulations about mowing grass into the road. In general, blowing grass clippings into the road can become illegal if it impedes the flow of traffic or creates a safety hazard.

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Here are few ordinances to be aware of

In Tell City, Indiana, Perry County Commissioners approved a new rule changing the way county residents mow their yard. They’re now prohibited from having their grass clippings end up on county roads. Perry County sites that the grass clippings left behind can be a hazard for those riding on two wheels.

City officials in Evansville have urged residents to blow their grass clippings back into their yards rather than the street, a safety precaution intended to prevent flooding, wildlife endangerment and danger to drivers.

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Grass clippings in the roadway can be a hazard to motorcyclists. The clippings have also caused clogged drains, local flooding and contaminated waterways. For these reasons, and clippings’ status as an “illicit discharge,” fines can be imposed on residents who fail to follow the city’s ordinance. Fines for violating the ordinance start at $25.

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What are the benefits of keeping the roads clear of grass clippings?

There are several benefits of keeping the roads clear of grass. First, it helps to improve visibility for drivers, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

Second, it can help to prevent accidents by reducing the chance of vehicles sliding on wet grass.

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Third, it can help to extend the life of the pavement by preventing the growth of roots and other vegetation that can damage the asphalt.

Finally, if the grass that you blow into the street causes an accident, you can get sued. This can be a motorcycle accident, a cycling accident, or even a passerby simply slipping and falling.

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It is illegal in some states to blow grass clippings into the road

In some states, it is illegal to blow grass onto the streets. This is because states like Virginia, Minnesota, and New York have laws that make it illegal to deposit substances on highways or streets.