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Ivy Tech President Sue Ellspermann, joined Tony Katz today to start “Ivy Tech Week” to discuss how higher education is changing.

She was selected in May of 2016 to be the new President of Ivy Tech. Before that, she most recently served as Indiana’s 50th Lieutenant Governor from 2013 until March 2016.

Ivy Tech is one of the top community colleges in the state of Indiana. They offer two-year degrees, and the ability to set students up to transfer to four-year schools.

Higher education is changing rapidly. A four-year degree from a college is not the only way for young people to set up their futures anymore. Here is what Ellspermann said on how education is changing,

“The world of higher education is changing and what I’m proud about is Ivy Tech is really on the front of that to provide exactly what Hoosiers need.”

One of the most intriguing parts about the university is how they appeal to multiple age groups. Four-year universities tend to target students graduating high school. Ivy Tech targets not only those students, but also adults looking to go back to school. For some adults they are trying to earn their first degree, while others are adding on to their previous degree.

In the interview Ellspermann mentions that during covid they saw an increase in the number of enrollees that were returning to school. They wanted to add certificates and additional degrees to improve their résumés.

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