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A school bus stopping to pick up a kid.

INDIANAPOLIS — Officials at the Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Lawrence Township have sent a letter to families regarding a potentially dangerous situation at Mary Castle Elementary School on Tuesday. A parent accidentally left a gun in their child’s backpack, posing a safety issue for both students and staff. The parent had placed the firearm in the bag on Monday when they were unable to take it inside an unnamed facility. Unfortunately, the gun was left in the backpack and went unnoticed by the child who brought it to school the next day.

The school learned of the situation after another parent reported that their child had seen a student with a gun in their backpack on the school bus. To address the matter, the school is utilizing legal resources and social services. The principal has also communicated with all staff and students to discuss the incident.

The consequences that the parent will face for their error are not yet clear. This serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible firearm ownership and storage to ensure the safety of children in school.