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INDIANAPOLIS— Kristen Wolf, a former corrections officer, was sentenced to 100 years in prison on Friday for the May 11, 2020 stabbing deaths of two people and the attempted murder of a third person at an Indianapolis apartment complex. Wolf pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, attempted murder, and attempted battery as part of a plea agreement.

According to court documents, the victims reported that they were attacked by a strawberry-blond haired woman they didn’t know when they answered the door of their roommates’ apartment at the Carriage House West complex on the far west side of Indianapolis. When police arrived at the scene, they found a gruesome crime scene with blood in the living room, kitchen, and on the walls of the first floor of the apartment.

One of the five people inside the apartment at the time of the attack reported that he had come downstairs after hearing noise and found a woman he didn’t recognize stabbing people. He ran back upstairs and asked a female tenant if she had any kind of weapon he could use to defend them. By the time the police arrived, the woman with the knife had already left the scene. Victoria Cook was found dead from stab wounds and Dylan Dickover died at a hospital. A second woman was injured and rushed to surgery.

The victims reported that a cap they believed belonged to the attacker was left behind at the scene. The cap was collected by crime lab evidence technicians and was found to contain a patch labeled as Indiana Department of Correction and the handwritten name “Wolf.” The cap also contained blood and other possible DNA evidence. This led police to Wolf, who was working as a corrections officer at the Madison Correctional Facility at the time of the attack.

Court documents also revealed that police found an alleged manifesto written by Wolf in which she stated that she got inspiration from serial killers but didn’t want to kill someone she knew. The manifesto also contained a written will and information indicating that Wolf was not planning to die but was prepared for it. The papers were dated May 11, 2020, the same day of the murders.

Wolf was arrested at the Madison Correctional Facility and transported to Indianapolis for questioning. During a brief interview prior to transport, Wolf denied being in Indianapolis on May 11.

Although the victims inside the apartment during the attack insist they don’t know Wolf, police believe they both have connections to a man who reportedly trains women how to use knives to kill people. The preliminary investigation shows that one of the victims previously dated a man who Wolf was dating, according to one of Wolf’s neighbors.