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The Secretary of State race has gotten a lot of attention.

Jeff Maurer, Libertarian Candidate for Secretary of State, joined Tony Katz to discuss the upcoming election against Democrat Destiny Wells and GOP Diego Morales.

Tony Katz spoke with Maurer on specifically election integrity. Maurer says he believes part of keeping a fair election in balance is all about getting results quicker along with receipts.

“We should know at least the outline of the results of each race from each county (by the end of election day.)  Something that takes days, allows that dark area that opacity where rumors, suspicions, conspiracies, evolve from. If we don’t fix that we are going to relive the concerns of 2020 all over again, every time, and it’s going to get worse.

We have to do a better job of getting our counts totaled and accurate and faster. That’s why I keep focusing on audits in the seats because tallying, the electronic calculations, can then be done immediately and backed up by not just one, but two sets of paper copies, one of which you (the voter) keep in your wallet.”

According to Mauer’s campaign website, he would uphold this idea by helping voters “track your vote like a package. Verify it was received, counted, and audited.”

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