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ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — Officers from the Anderson Police Department are investigating the death of a mother after her son stabbed her multiple times in her back on Monday.

Police say Jireh Hart contacted them about the stabbing. Hart told police her mother, Janet Hart, and brother, Jiam Hart, live together however, her brother stays in the garage due to his “erratic behavior.”

According to a release, Janet and Jiam had been arguing the previous night. Police say Jireh hadn’t heard from her mother all day. Jireh tried calling her mom’s cell and home number, but there was no answer. Jireh went to the home and found her mother on the floor dead with multiple stab wounds to her back, police say.

After further investigation, police say they found Jiam at the 1300 block of Lincoln Street and took him into custody. They say they found his mother’s KeyBank Mastercard on him.

Jireh told police her grandmother asked her to run a few errands, so she asked her mother, Janet Hart, if she could babysit her children while she went to the store. After Jireh ran the errands and came back to her mother’s house, she said Jiam left shortly after her arrival “like he always does when she shows up,” according to a release from the Anderson Police Department. Jireh said she then texted her mother to check on her, in which her mother said Jiam was “acting like a fool,” and that he was yelling and spitting at her.

Jireh also told police Jiam got angry because their mother told him he couldn’t eat Jireh’s food without her permission. She also told police their mother would not have trusted Jiam with her credit card.

Throughout the investigation, police say they found a petition filed by Janet laying on the table where her body was found. They say the petition was requesting that Jiam be sent to a group home, that he was physically aggressive toward Janet, and that he experiences hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions. Police say the petition was signed Sept. 13 by Janet, saying Jiam is a danger to himself and others.

Jiam has been taken into custody. Police say his official charges will be filed Sept. 30. The investigation is still ongoing.