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As a child you might have colored to pass the time. It’s also a way of expressing yourself and learning hues. Many children receive their first exposure to the color wheel and art, through the use of crayons, markers, and colored pencils.

As an adult, a person might color to pass the time but it can also be a form of therapy. It offers a chance to take a mental break and relieve stress. Coloring can also help with coordination, grip, motor skills and focus.

Here Are Some Popular Coloring Books to Color  Indiana:

The Incredible Indiana Coloring Book:

Here is a reproducible coloring book that includes pictures of characters, places, and facts. Kids can color their way around Indiana while learning new facts. This book is appropriate for ages 5-7. It’s 32 pages and costs $3.95

cover of Indiana coloring book

Indiana University Coloring Book:

Named by Huffington Post as one of America’s Prettiest College Campuses, the Bloomington campus of Indiana University is widely acknowledged as one of the most picturesque college campuses in the United States and now you can color it. This first adult coloring book in the Color Your Campus series will delight students, parents, alumni, and Hoosiers alike. It costs $12.95

cover of the Indiana University coloring book

Indiana Barn Quilt Coloring Book One:

A drive through Gibson County, Indiana is very colorful today because many brilliant “quilt blocks,” called barn quilts, are displayed on barns and other buildings throughout the rural area. This coloring book is your opportunity to colorfully create different barn quilt patterns of your own…so with crayons in hand, start coloring Indiana Barn Quilts. The book costs $9.95 and offers 110 printable pages.

cover of Indiana Barn Quilt coloring book

Indiana Historic Pathways Coloring Book:

Historic Southern Indiana teamed up with local artists and students to create the Indiana’s Historic Pathways Coloring Book featuring history from the byway and activities. The pages with the coloring book tell the story of early settlement and transportation in Indiana and westward migration. This PDF download is free. The book also features a crossword puzzle.

cover of Indiana Historic Pathways coloring book

Vincennes, Indiana Historic Sights Coloring Book:

This is a Historic Sights coloring book illustrated by Brad Rock. The book features information regarding Vincennes, Indiana. The artists will have the opportunity to fill in Vincennes landmarks. The publication sells for $8.50, is in “good” condition and is listed on eBay.

cover of Historic Vincennes coloring book

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