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Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz helped revive a 27 year old male passenger who collapsed on an American Airlines flight from Louisville to Philadelphia Saturday morning.

“I was sitting in my seat and a woman a few rows ahead of me yelled out that there was a crisis,” Oz said. “I ran to the bay and a gentleman had collapsed to the ground. He had been trying to get into the bathroom.”

“When I got to him, he was conscious but disoriented,” the cardiothoracic surgeon continued. “I asked the stewardesses to come help and get me something with sugar in it.”

The flight attendants brought Oz some soda for the passenger. The passenger remained seated on the ground for 10 minutes while he drank more fluids.

The man eventually recovered and received medical treatment later on, according to Oz.

Oz said it’s important that people who are planning to fly recognize the dangers of dehydration.