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State symbols are any type of symbol or imagery, including animals, plants, rocks, and even articles of clothing, that are chosen by the residents and legislature of a state to be representative of that state. State identity and symbolic independence is an important part of our history and culture.

State symbols are typically chosen by the legislature, though they can be proposed by residents. They can then be officially recognized through the ratification of a law proposing the potential symbol. Stacker compiled a list of symbols in Indiana. How well do you know the Hoosier State? Let’s find out…

What Is Indiana’s State Insect?

Say’s Firefly, also known as a lightning bug, was designated the official state insect of Indiana in February, 2018 due to the perseverance of Cumberland Elementary School students in West Lafayette.

What Is Indiana’s State Song?

If you guessed “Back Home Again in Indiana”, you would be incorrect. Indiana adopted the song, On The Banks Of the Wabash, Far Away in 1913. Paul Dresser, a native of Terre Haute, wrote the song and dedicated it to a 14-year-old girl he’d never met. The song was first published in 1897.

What Is Indiana’s State Tree?

You might be inclined to picture a flower in your mind’s eye when thinking of our state tree, however,  it is, in fact, a towering, fast-growing tree. The official tree of Indiana is a Tulip Tree. The tree is featured on the state seal.

A Northern Cardinal sitting on a branch in a winter snow storm.

(Photo by: Michael Siluk/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

What Is Indiana’s State Bird?

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia all share the same state bird. More than any other species, the Northern Cardinal with it’s trademark red color and distinctive call is Indiana’s State bird.

What Is Indiana’s State Flower?

At one point, the blossoming petal of the Tulip Tree was our state flower until 1931, when the zinnia replaced it. If you answered Tulip or Zinnia, we’ll give partial credit for the answer. But growing in shades of red, pink, yellow, and white, The Peony became the state flower in 1957. Peonies are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America.

What Is Indiana’s State Mammal?

This is a trick question…there isn’t one. Once designated as an endangered species in the state, the River Otter is currently proposed to become our official mammal.

Here are a few extra credit questions…

A general view of the crowd and stage in downtown Indianapolis

(Photo by Joey Foley/Getty Images)

What Is Indiana’s Tallest Building?

Opened in 1990 near Monument Circle in Indianapolis, Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in Indiana. The building’s twin spires’ are 811 feet tall, with 48 floors of office and retail space.

What Is Indiana’s Highest Point Of Elevation?

Hoosier Hill is the highest natural point in Indiana with an elevation of 1,257 feet above sea level.