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The Indiana Supreme Court unanimously sided with Governor Eric Holcomb on striking down the legislature’s ability to call a special session. The measure would have allowed legislative leaders to call an emergency session outside of the General Assembly’s regular meetings.

Governor Holcomb sued after legislators passed a law over his veto last year, deputizing the 16-member Legislative Council to reconvene the House and Senate to review a governor’s emergency declaration.

“From the beginning, this case presented important procedural, statutory and Constitutional questions that only the courts could answer,” Holcomb said in a statement Friday. “Today, the Indiana Supreme Court has provided clarity and finality on these important issues. I appreciate the patience and humility Speaker Houston and Senator Bray have shown throughout the entire process, of which I always sought to match. With this critical matter resolved, we’ll continue focusing on building a prosperous state full of opportunity for all.”

“This was the worst law ever written and it was designed to fail,” WIBC’s Rob Kendall told listeners Monday. “Because as we’ve told you, the legislature and Indiana Republican Party are completely fine with everything the Governor has done – lockdowns, mandates, taxes, etc. And now Eric can do it all again this winter if he wants.”

GOP lawmakers initially pushed the bill following criticism over the mask mandate and other COVID-19 restrictions that Holcomb imposed by executive order with the General Assembly not meeting for about nine months after its 2020 session ended.

Kendall continued: “They’re quite fine with the fact that this failed. Now they can lie to you and say they tried, but the court screwed you. No. They screwed you. Just like always.”

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