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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Senator Todd Young spoke publicly Thursday pushing for the Biden administration to not let Title 42 expire.

The public health policy that allows the government to turn away migrants at the border for public health reasons is set to expire soon. Young thinks that would be a mistake.

“Immigration officials have warned that letting Title 42 Expire would make our immigration crisis three times worse,” said Young. “Three times worse after a year where we had 2 million illegal boarder crossings.”

He criticized the Biden administration, claiming that they’re only concerned about the pandemic when it supports their liberal agenda.

“Now, according to the administration the pandemic continues on airplanes where they continue to fight for a mask mandate. The pandemic continues in the halls of congress where the administration continues to lobby for billions of dollars in emergency relief funds,” claimed Young. “But, on the boarder they say the pandemic is over.”

Young is calling to keep Title 42 in place, saying it could help secure the boarder.