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WASHINGTON–When Rep. Larry Bucshon was asked Tuesday morning what he wanted Pres. Joe Biden to say during the State of the Union speech, he replied that he wanted the president to open America’s own energy production.

That wasn’t exactly what happened.

“Tonight I can announce that the United States has worked with 30 other countries to release 60 million barrels of oil from reserves around the world,” said Biden, adding that half of that would be from America’s reserves.

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In the hour-long speech Biden promised to fight inflation, directly addressing a subject that has lost him support over his first year in office. He told lawmakers and the nation that lowering wages wasn’t the answer. The answering was lowering costs.

“Biden’s has no plan to lower inflation,” Tweeted Republican Rep. Jim Banks. “Everything Biden said he’d do to fight inflation will raise inflation.”

Biden said he believes it is imperative to compete with China, reiterating that America should invest in research and development, and stating again that Intel will build semiconductors in Ohio, with a $100 million investment in a plant there.

“Glad to hear the need for China competitiveness legislation raised during #SOTU,” Tweeted Republican Sen. Todd Young. “We are in a generational conflict with China and must prioritize 21st Century national security investments.”

Young has introduced several pieces of legislation designed to broaden America’s competitiveness.

While the president said new scanner technology was being employed at the southern border to detect drugs, and that the U.S. was working with other countries to get people to stay there, Rep. Jackie Walorski, a Republican, criticized the president’s border policies.

“During his #SOTUinCrisis, President Biden will never take responsibility for his self-inflicted border crisis that is endangering American lives every day,” Tweeted Walorski. “With illicit fentanyl pouring across the border and into our communities, every town in America is a border town.”

Democratic Congressman Andre Carson shared his admiration for the president on Twitter.

“During tonight’s #SOTU Address, @POTUS made it clear: Don’t bet against America and our people. I share his vision to build a better, more equitable country and to protect democracy here and around the world. I’ll keep working with him on these critical goals!” Tweeted Carson.

Republican Congressman Jim Baird called the president’s policies “business-killing”.

“Hardworking Hoosiers have seen their financial security deteriorate; they’ve watched as Congressional Democrats have saddled future generations with insurmountable debt for partisan policies that don’t represent our values; they’ve watched deadly drugs flood through our open southern border; and they’ve watched their communities become more dangerous in the wake of anti-police movements,” he said, following the speech.

“The American people will not allow President Biden to rewrite history by blaming his crises on the previous administration. It’s time for this administration to take accountability and listen to the American people.”