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CARMEL, Ind.--The man who successfully prosecuted Mike Tyson for rape in Indianapolis in 1992, and who had a 20-year run on WIBC and Network Indiana as a talk show host is now running for Hamilton County prosecutor. Greg Garrison confirmed Thursday that he intends to file papers to run Friday.

Garrison, 74, told WIBC talk show host Tony Katz that he has enjoyed retirement, but is ready to run the prosecutor’s office, saying all cases must at least have a look. Garrison said he was disturbed to read a newspaper article about a person who may have been drugged and raped in the county, but the prosecutor declined the case.

“You have to have good judgement in screening cases,” he said. “When tough crimes come along it’s not time to go back to your office and close the door. Sometimes what it is is you’ve got to be willing to take one for the team.”

Garrison described the current prosecutor’s office as “frayed at the edges and ineffective”, citing a newspaper article about a rape that wasn’t prosecuted.

“You’ve got to have the courage to step into the more complicated cases that come across a prosecutor’s desk,” he said.

Garrison said that a county with a booming population must have a prosecutor who is up to the task of keeping up.

“The crime gets spread further and into more pieces of the county as the population explodes.

Garrison said that despite his age, he is up to the task.

“I’m a healthy 74 years old. I’m in pretty good shape,” he said, adding that he has never been able to stay away from news.

IndyPolitics first reported this week that Garrison intended to run.