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FARMERSBURG, Ind.–In 1981 “Stand and Deliver” was one of the big hits on the radio. Ronald Reagan became president and on Jan. 2, Sarah “Jeanette” Benson was murdered in her Farmersburg home, while her husband was at work in Terre Haute.

If you were around then, Sullivan County Sheriff Clark Cottom hopes you might remember something about the blue Plymouth Valiant or Chevy Impala witnesses said was parked in the Benson’s driveway, or the tall thin man in his 20s, described by witnesses.

A blue Plymouth Valiant

PHOTO: Provided by Sullivan Co Sheriff’s Dept.

One neighbor observed a white male near the home. The male, who was wearing a down vest, was seen exiting the blue sedan, and knocking on the Benson’s front door. Investigators believe this man was likely the intruder,” said Cottom.

The man was already waiting inside for Benson, 51, when she got home from a shopping trip to Terre Haute.

The sheriff said his department has exhausted many leads over the years, never making an arrest.

“The Benson family remain hopeful that sharing this information may spark someone’s memory,” said Cottom. “Over time relationships change and it is not uncommon that someone with information could come forward, to bring closure to this senseless murder.”

If you know of any information concerning Mrs. Benson’s murder, you’re asked to contact the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office at 812-268-4308 or the Indiana State Police at 765-653-4114.