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The official face covering of the NFL is not an acceptable mask for Delta flights security-screened by “Captain Power Pants, USA.”

Mock took a couple of days off to celebrate her birthday month last week, and what better way to enjoy oneself than a trip to glorious Beaufort, South Carolina? The area is the primary filming location for “The Big Chill,” but is most famous for its ties to the more attractive co-host of WIBC’s midday show.

Mock intends to retire to Beaufort one day, and the town’s residents couldn’t be more excited! Granted, they’ve yet to learn of her intention to adopt a chimp…

At any rate, Mock and her family booked their tickets on a Delta flight. All was well until the family’s stopover in Atlanta. That’s when Mock encountered the self-appointed mask czar of Delta airlines, “Captain Power Pants, USA.”

Mock shares her inspiring story of travel trouble and triumph in the clip below.

Please Note: Delta is a perfectly lovely airline for all your travel needs. That said, it’s more convenient to hop a boxcar than travel through Atlanta’s airport.