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The controversial issue of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and liberal indoctrination in the public school system is an alarming concern to many Indiana parents.

Mock n’ Rob have covered the topic extensively in recent weeks in an effort to raise awareness and motivate Hoosiers to take action in their local districts.

Carmel parent Alvin Lui says he moved his family from California to the Midwest in 2019 for many reasons, but his decision was primarily motivated by one overwhelming concern: “If I [raised] my daughter in California, the schools and the culture there would teach her that her two most important things in life [are] that she’s Asian and she’s female.”

Lui says he and his wife initially felt good about their decision until they began to notice that the ideology in Hamilton County schools was beginning to move in a direction that was all too familiar.

“We saw a lot of little things before other people saw it because we’ve lived through it previously,” says Lui. “So for my wife and I, it kind of feels like we’re living through that same nightmare all over again except in the very beginning.”

Lui warned listeners that this shift to a liberal ideology in the public school system always ends the same way.

“No matter what school district it is, when they bring the Social Emotional Learning [SEL], it’s a big umbrella, and the following things will occur: classes for high achieving students will get eliminated; anything that holds students accountable will be gone; students that are high-flyers today will be pulled to the middle; students that are in the middle will be pulled to the bottom; and the bottom students, who this SEL ideology claims to help, will take a nosedive.”

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