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WASHINGTON — The Republican Party as it is today is a “sinking ship”, says the former chief of staff for Homeland Security in the Trump administration.

Miles Taylor, a lifelong Republican, Indiana University-graduate, and the man who wrote an anonymous tell-all book about the administration while he was working for Homeland Security, has founded a group of current and former GOP lawmakers and high profile individuals, who vehemently disagree with where the Republican Party is headed.

“Frankly, we came to the conclusion that if he didn’t band together, the pro-democracy movement would fracture,” Taylor told WISH-TV’s All Indiana Politics.

Taylor went public with the group in a letter signed by 152 current and former Republicans elected leaders only days after Wyoming Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney was removed from her leadership roles within the party on Capitol Hill. Cheney has been critical of former President Trump, especially since the riots at the Capitol back in January.

“We felt like that was the perfect time to send a signal that there are a group of rational Republicans that want to reform the party and move it in a more positive direction,” Taylor said. “It’s a sinking ship and it’s one that has got some fatal, fatal flaws within it.”

But, Taylor is confident that his group can fix those flaws. He said one way to do that is to start weeding out “radicals” from within the party.

“We want to go after the radicals within the Republican Party, the Majorie Taylor Green’s of the world who have foresaken their oath to the Constitution in our view,” he said. “We want the GOP to go back to a party that supported free minds, free markets, and free people and wasn’t trying to undermine the Constitution and the democratic process.”

He said the party needs to starting incubating “pragmatic candidates” for the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024.