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MUNCIE, Ind. — The fatal shooting of a man by police in Muncie was justified.

That’s according to Eric Hoffman, the Delaware County prosecutor, who says the two officers who shot at Jonathan Levi Allan of Kansas in March — did so in self-defense and that the decision was a reasonable use of force.

When confronted by authorities, Allen “chose to open fire at the police officers and civilians,” Hoffman wrote in a report. He continued that the officers “unquestionably and without a doubt (shot Allen) in self-defense and in the defense of others.”

Hoffman said when Allen was confronted by officers after leading them on a high-speed chase he chose to open fire on the officers as well as civilians nearby.

Allen, at the time of the chase, was the target of warrants issued in Kansas and Muncie when he was being pursued by officers.

The chase had lasted a while but came to an end near the Delaware County fairgrounds where one of the officers, who was armed with a rifle, shot Allen in the head. Allen, now wounded, then struggled with officers as they tried to subdue him and take him to the hospital for his wounds.

Hoffman said in his report that Allen was “headed toward Ball State University and its densely populated surrounding neighborhoods” when he crashed the Blazer was driving near the fairgrounds.