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STATE WIDE–Indiana Democrats and Republicans have completely different views about the job Pres. Biden has done in his first two months in office. But, you probably could have guessed that. Both party leaders talked about Biden and the future of the parties on WISH TV’s All INdiana Politics, Sunday.

“It’s refreshing in a way, to have a president that’s focused on solutions and not focused on bashing or name calling,” said Mike Schmuhl, the new chairman of the state Democratic Party. He gave the president an “A”.

Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer, elected for another four years as head of the party, said he believes Biden is “trying to take the country south”.

“I would say ‘F’, but that’s kind of cliché’. I think he’s doing a very poor job of putting American priorities first,” said Hupfer. He said he believes the Republican Party is united, in at least one sense, against Biden as a “common enemy”.

The men also disagree on local issues, like the way Gov. Holcomb is handling the pandemic.

“The health outcomes, hospitalizations, positivity rates, have allowed us, along with Pres. Trump’s developed vaccine and Indiana’s leading the country in getting vaccines into arms, have allowed us this opportunity,” said Hupfer, talking about Holcomb’s announcement that the mask mandate will be changed to a mask advisory April 6.

Schmuhl said it’s too early for that.

“We did have welcome news this week when the governor said vaccine ages would be lowered. But, I do think we need to be responsible and mask up as we get through the full vaccination period,” said Schmuhl.

Schmuhl acknowledged that it may take a few election cycles, but he believes Democrats can win again on a state-wide level by focusing on three priorities: increasing the minimum wage and making sure people have good-paying jobs with representation; making sure people have good, affordable health care as a right; and increasing teacher pay and shoring up public education.